You might be a good candidate if you:

  • are intelligent and open-minded
  • love to take on new challenges
  • like to have fun
  • are willing to talk to your bff even when (especially when) you’re struggling with something
  • you love to learn
  • are spiritually-minded, and still open-minded
  • don’t let politics ruin relationships
  • you live in the Chattanooga, TN area


  • currently or futurely consider yourself to be a mental health advocate
  • you write or want to write
  • you consider yourself or want to get to the point where you consider yourself physically healthy (I’m in the latter category)
  • you’re interested in embarking on fun adventures such as maybe opening a store with your future best friend
  • you love ATLA
  • you like anime, or at least Studio Ghibli
  • you’re maybe kinda clingy (I know I am)
  • you have young kids
  • you can commiserate over difficult childhoods
  • you love karaoke! and generally being silly

About Mariah

Here’s a bullet list. Mariah:

  • is open-minded, loves to learn, loves to take on new challenges, loves to have fun, wants to talk to her bff about everything, is spiritually-minded, doesn’t let political beliefs ruin relationships, lives in North Chattanooga
  • is an author and mental health advocate
  • is an entrepreneur. She wants to open a mental health boutique and could use some help
  • loves ATLA and anime
  • is kinda very clingy but working on that
  • has a three-year old son and a five-month old daughter
  • is open and honest and loves to talk about anything and everything, including her rough childhood (but is no longer held down by or miserable because of said childhood)
  • has depression and anxiety, but is at the point where she’s working at it and seeing progress
  • loves mystery, slice of life, rom-com, and is pretty much okay with everything else
  • is not a huge fan of Star Wars, but she hopes that’s not a deal breaker because she likes nerds
  • is obsessed with Zox Wristbands
  • runs a YouTube channel and is thinking about starting a podcast, which would be super duper fun to do with a best friend
  • has other best friends but they’re all in Utah
  • is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but is happy to respect and learn about other beliefs and will not make it a goal to convert you (except by maybe just being an example and doing the things she always does, which are not an intrusion on you or your beliefs at all)
  • LOVES to craft and bake
  • wants a buddy to help her clean her house when she’s unmotivated. Is willing to reciprocate. Let’s get things done together!
  • wants to set up play dates for her kids, but not having kids is not a deal breaker at all
  • does not drink coffee or alcohol, but happy to sip water or sugary drinks while you drink whatever you drink
  • is an ENFP but mistaken for an introvert because of her social anxiety
  • is a mix of yellow, blue, and white color personalities
  • is probably an Energy Type 1 according to Carol Tuttle? she uses the word ‘fun’ a lot.
  • is a Sagittarius. Whatever that means. having a birthday so close to Christmas is actually really cool
  • is a huge goof
  • is constantly reading self-improvement books or otherwise trying to become a better person
  • is looking forward to connecting with you!

Because I’m putting this on my author page, I won’t put my phone number here. If you want to connect, please message me on Facebook. I am not against gaining new BFFs outside of Chattanooga, but I really do need some local friends who are willing to meet up in person (safely, so long as the pandemic is going on). I have never seemed to successfully make friends as an adult.