The Hope Boutique

Have you ever wanted to put together a bag of goodies as a pick-me-up for a loved one? Or maybe you need some pick-me-ups for yourself? Here I’ve stockpiled a collection of goodies that just might help make you or your friend feel better. I know they’d help me!

If this is popular enough, I plan to open a physical location someday. In the meantime I’m looking forward to offering crafting and mental health classes in the Chattanooga, TN area… though, perhaps not until this pandemic is over.

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Fuzzy Socks! These fluffy pieces of heaven always make me feel better.

Scented Candles! Personally, I love the scent of citrus. It always makes me feel better, even if I don’t feel quite up to being happy.

Scented lotion! I LOVE lotion. Unfortunately I rarely remember to use it. Keeping a hand pump like this on my bathroom counter might make it even easier for me.

Bath bombs! I swear, these make everything better. I mean, as long as the tub is cleaned first.

Fluffy blankets are the perfect thing to wrap yourself up and hide away from the world.

I just love this quote. I need this reminder sometimes. Hell is not the destination point, and if I keep going I’ll eventually make it out.

Adult coloring books are bomb. This is one of my favorites. It brings me so much peace, and I adore so many of the pages.

You gotta have gel pens to go with that coloring book! These are what I use.

Fudge makes me happy.

I adore cute journals. Plus journal-writing is incredibly therapeutic, in my experience. Isn’t this one lovely?

I find writing to be so much more satisfying when doing it with a beautiful fountain pen.

And of course, if you’re shopping for someone else, you’ll need something to put the gifts in. These colors make me happy!

Do you have any recommendations for what else to add to the list? If so, let me know! If there’s enough interest I may set up a kickstarter at some point to help me make my dream a reality and establish a physical location with more products and classes.

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