Recovering Happily Ever After Series

I’ve always loved fairy tales. I’ve also always really wanted to read books about characters with depression without making me feel even more depressed. Books that give me genuine hope. That is what I have attempted to do with this series.

There are five books in my Young Adult Fantasy series, Recovering Happily Ever After. Each is a gender and/or role-swapped fairy tale ‘retelling’. (Some say these books don’t have enough in common with the originals to be considered retellings. I’m not sure where they fit on the sliding scale.) Bonus: most of them are funny!


a Snow White Retelling

Think Mirror Mirror (2012 film) meets “The Fault in Our Stars”. The prince (Guy) is kidnapped to help save the day, but he’s kind of really depressed, so he really doesn’t want to. Prepare for a battle of the sass. You can check it out on Amazon here or read a more in-depth description here.


a Cinderella Retelling

The enchanter from the first book tries to set Prince Guy’s sister up with a young man at the ball, and she can’t get over the feeling that they’re only being nice to her because they pity her. If she doesn’t learn to believe that she has worth by the time the clock strikes midnight on the third day, someone is going to lose their happily ever after. You can check it out on Amazon here or read a more in-depth description here.


a Beauty and the Beast Retelling

Finally! The enchanter meets his true love! Except, he thinks he knows how to fix her life and she thinks all she needs to be happy is a ‘man’. Cue major drama. Sometimes, Beauty can be a real Beast. You can read more about it once I write that post, and you can find the book on Amazon here.


‘not a retelling because I’m not a [REDACTED] princess’

Meet Remi. No, he’s not a rat. He probably can’t cook at all. What can he do? …good question. Maybe if he figures that out, people will finally like him. And hey… maybe his ‘thing’ will be going full James Bond on that sorcerer everyone is trying to chase down. Coming soon to an Internet near you.

[The Book Who Has Yet to Be Named]

a Rapunzel retelling?

No, that’s not actually the title. I really haven’t named it yet. Here’s the one where the whole cast comes together Avenger-style to track down the sorceress from the first book and put an end to whatever the heck the evil sorcerer is doing. I’ll be back with more details when I have them!