Life is CRAZY

Oh my goodness, my life is insane.

I’m engaged to the man of my dreams!

I’ve started rewriting Victim of Greed!

I have my first book signing coming up in August! More details on that later.

I launched a new business and my partner and I are picking back up on Omai Sunrise!

I came across a fantastic opportunity to become a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, and I’m going for it. I start working toward my real estate license as soon as I come up with a small amount of money for school. It shouldn’t be more than two more weeks, and then less than three months before I’m licensed.

For clarification, I don’t plan on making it big with real estate or anything. I could help people buy/sell four houses a year and make a little more than enough money to get by. I’d be content with that. Since those sales are most likely so spaced out, though, I’ll be doing DoorDash to pay the bills in the meantime. Soon I’ll be doing DoorDash 56 hours as week and studying, and after that I’ll be doing DoorDash about 30 hours a week while doing real estate 40 hours a week.

That should be enough for me to survive, considering I won’t be making money from the 40 hours of real estate a week, generally speaking.

Of course, I’ll be doing DoorDash for months to come. Even if I make money as a real estate agent quickly, I’m going to continue doing DoorDash as my main source of income until I’ve paid off all my debt and have at least six months’ worth of savings.

That could be a while.

In the meantime, I’ve come up with a fun idea!

It started off with the idea of leaving a little bag of treats at the door with every DoorDash delivery I make. Then I thought, what if I left my real estate agent business card in the bag? But that seems impersonal enough to come off as tacky, plus I’m not an agent just yet and don’t have a business card. So scratch that idea.

I enjoy doing DoorDash. Especially at night. It’s dark and peaceful and there’s not much traffic. But I also hate it. I’m an extrovert who loves genuine connection. I don’t get to talk to many people at all while doing DoorDash. Except for the McDonald’s cashier when I come through for the fifth time in two hours. So what if I left a little autobiography with a way to follow me in each bag? It might not lead to anything. But it could lead to genuine connection. It could lead to friends and followers and readers and clients. It could lead to fans. I have a lot to offer. So why not put myself out there?

So if you’re here checking out my blog because of the paper I left on your doorstep, hello! Welcome! Thanks for being here! Feel free to stalk me to your heart’s content. You can subscribe to my blog if you want to stay updated on what I’m up to, or you can “like” my Facebook page. Or not. You can also just eat the candy I left you and forget about me. That’s fine too. Haha. I am not under the pretense of wanting you to feel obligated to anything.

I’ll save you a little bit of time if you want and tell you a little more about me.

I’ve published some comedic fairy tale retellings! You can find the first one here on Amazon.

I volunteer doing social media content on occasion for LDSPMA and in the past even started a podcast for a nonprofit called Conquer the Silence. I’m not sure what happened to Conquer the Silence. The creator unfriended me on Facebook but left me an admin and the page hasn’t done anything since.

I’m being mentored by THE James A. Owen. Be jealous. (Just kidding. I still can’t fathom that this has happened.)

I went through a divorce in 2021. I was emotionally and financially unstable and my ex took advantage of the situation and took everything. I wasn’t in a spot to even fight what he put on papers, but I’ve been told that he should not have been able to get away with taking what he did without going through a juvenile court. I’m trying to get to a better place so I have the best chance at getting back as much time with my two littles as possible. I was a stay-at-home mom during our marriage and creating financial stability for myself has been an adventure, to say the least. I was the events assistant manager at a bowling alley making more money than my ex, but I quit so I could spend more time with my fiance. Life has been insane ever since.

I’m a mental health advocate. All my books have themes of mental illness and hope. I started volunteering for Conquer the Silence because it advocates for mental illness. The business I’m starting with my partner, Omai Sunrise Boutique, is a mental health boutique. I’ve struggled with mental illness my entire life and it’s very important to me to help other people feel less alone in their struggles.

That’s all the important things I can think of. So anyway, thanks for reading! Hope to see more of you!

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