Struggles with Depression

Hey guys! I have been so stinking busy the last month. Just some updates: I'm on a CPAP now. It sucks.I'm taking the Submission Possible course. It rocks.I'm co-authoring an awesome book with acclaimed author, Troy Lambert. It's fun.I'm writing a Swan Lake retelling. It's my favorite.I'm managing my self-care boutique, which is currently functioning … Continue reading Struggles with Depression

How To Do Things When You’re Depressed

Hello, friends and loved ones! I've started a YouTube series called "How To Do Things When You're Depressed." I've yet to do so much as an introductory video, though I did talk about it a bit on my Facebook page, so it's time I inform everyone exactly what this is for. While it's called "How … Continue reading How To Do Things When You’re Depressed