Now Offering Freelancing Services

So you need someone for content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, or something else? I’m just starting out as a freelancer and I would love to be considered.

Most of the professional writing I still have access to is on this very web site, but I have years of experience with journalism, copywriting, content writing, and SEO. I’m also currently earning a certificate in Social Media Marketing.

With a strong, engaging voice, I have readers coming back for more of my work. Some have vowed to read everything I ever write.

I am also adept at changing my voice or imitating other’s writing voices in order to create the best-suited material for my purposes.

My current rates start at $15/hr. You can learn more about my services here or email me at to ask questions or set something up.

I look forward to working with you and producing more content that people will love!

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