My Favorite Thing In The World


One word. I don’t even know if it had any meaning before the Kuiper brothers gave it one. If you don’t know what it is, you absolutely need to.

Zox wristbands are my absolute favorite thing on the face of the earth. I adore them. In the last four months I have purchased between 42-52. 37 have arrived in the mail so far and I have more coming. I’m obsessed.

Each one has a word or phrase on one side. My favorite phrase is one of the newest, “talitha koum.” This is what Jesus said when he raised the little girl from the dead. ‘Arise, little girl.’ I look at this wristband and imagine Jesus saying those words to me right now, and it gives me strength.

My favorite pattern is Fly Away. I bought a Mystery Pack and got a weird octopus wristband that I didn’t really like or want, so I offered to trade it for one of the more rare straps that I absolutely love. One of the collectors went for the trade. The phrase doesn’t mean as much to me at this point, but I absolutely love the colors and watercolor design. And I have always desperately wanted to fly.

But, there’s so much more to Zox than the wristbands and other products. Zox is a community. They have a Facebook group of people who support each other. The wristbands feel like they have more power to me because of the community behind them. Jason Kuiper, the first creator of the wristbands, writes out a descriptive story for his meaning behind each wristband on the site. Or at least, he does for most of them? I’m still new here.

There’s also a blog you can subscribe to, which I just barely did. Jason writes those entries, too. He and I struggle with so many of the same things. I wish we could be friends. Who knows, maybe someday. Alas, he has rejected to my pleas to allow me to interview him for my entrepreneur class next week. That honestly does break my heart a little. Because I love what he and his brothers do so very much, it honestly hurts my heart. They’ve created a safe place for people. They create products that give people strength and genuinely make the world a better place. They do so many things that I want to do so badly. I want to find success in helping others like they have.

Here’s a picture of my current collection. I’ve already given five away and have three more to gift, and my personal collection grows by the week.

Another way that they’ve inspired me is with the blog. They’re doing good things with that. I read two posts and felt inspired to come contribute to my blog here. Hopefully I will continue to gain inspiration as they continue to update their blog.

If you want a link to their web site, it’s right here!

And here’s a picture of my collection so far! Sorry, it could be better quality, but I’m in a rush. I have a writing conference starting in 20 minutes! Seriously though, Zox is the best thing EVER.

My ZOX Collection!

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