Tomorrow I Will Make A List: Managing the Depressive Habit of Procrastination

I’m really sorry this ebook isn’t free! Let me explain.

Today I hit ‘Publish’ on my self-help book. The one I said I was going to have available for free. Funny story: I didn’t find out I can’t publish a book for free on Amazon until I tried publish a book for free on Amazon. I made it the minimum price I could ($0.99) and made it available on KU and it can also be digitally lent to friends through Amazon for up to two weeks. As far as I am aware, that’s the best that I can do other than running a promotion to make it free or just publishing it somewhere other than Amazon. For now I want it to be available on the same platform as my other book(s), and I also wouldn’t complain if I made back the money I put into it ($59 for formatting and a cover). At some point in the future I may remove it from Amazon and publish it on other platforms so that I can make it free to everyone, but I probably won’t do that until I have other books available on other platforms.

Here’s a quick run-down of the steps outlined in the book:

1) Write down “Tomorrow I will make a list.” Come back tomorrow and write the same thing, then check off yesterday’s list. Repeat.

2) Make new small goals.

3) Make SMART goals (the term SMART is not used in the book because I’m worried that term might be copyrighted or something and I don’t want to deal with that).

There’s more to it. Enough that the book is about 10,500 words long. I price my 30,000 word novellas at $2.99, so comparatively $0.99 is about accurate. I still really wish I could have made it perma-free on Amazon, because the only special thing about this book is that it helped me and I think it will help other people, too. I don’t want to have to charge for that. You can pay me for my fiction books because those took imagination. I put this process together myself and it only took 3-4 hours or so to write the book down.

That run-down/overview might be all you need to take advantage of the process. If so, fantastic! I worked out the rest of the process myself, and there’s a good chance you can, too. Just make sure you don’t push yourself so hard that you wear yourself out and give up. Explaining how to avoid that is probably another 25% of the book.

One handy feature of this book is that you can skip to the FAQ section or email me about your stage of the process if you feel too overwhelmed to read the actual book to find your answer. Another 25% of the book is summaries of questions people might have to ask when they’re worried their depression will beat them again.

As of the moment that I am publishing this post, the book is not actually available on Amazon yet. For the time being I’ll just throw the link to my fairy tale novella That Prince Guy here because it links to my Amazon author page which should have a link to the self-help book when it’s live. Also, That Prince Guy will be on sale for $0.99 from November 18-25, 2019, and there is a Fan Art Contest running on my Facebook page. Feel free to check it out!

Thanks for supporting me! Seriously, I don’t know how I managed to gain so many loyal readers and followers. I know it’s not a particularly high number, but you guys rock. You guys are the reason I haven’t completely given up on running my blog. So seriously, thank you!!!

Update: here is the link for the new book!

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