The Best Part of Writing

This article may contain very subtle SPOILERS to future books such as “To Be Queen”.

As I mentioned in my previous article, ‘Why I Write’, creativity is one of my greatest motivators for why I want to pursue this as a career. Nothing keeps me held in more suspense; not even watching ‘The End of Time’, the last David Tennant special of Doctor Who before Matt Smith joins the show.

I had one of my creative sparks over the course of the last fourteen hours, and it was fantastic. First off, I realized that my Main Character (MC) is not indeed the MC who occasionally impersonates his brother. I realized that he is indeed the MC’s brother impersonating the MC who occasionally impersonates the man that would in fact be himself.

I felt excited yet uneasy with this solution this morning, when on the bus ride to school I finally realized that the MC is not in fact the MC’s brother impersonating the MC impersonating himself. The MC is actually both of them. I’d love to explain more about that, but it might spoil the book. Try to forget you ever read that.

The suspense and anticipation that builds up in these Aha! moments is what keeps me really hooked to my writing, far more than the characters themselves ever have. My plot lines grow more and more twisted and complicated as time goes by, leaving me even more of these prized moments. I love looking at the ways my books have progressed and thinking ‘My readers are going to be in absolute shock!’

The plot twists that can occur in my books are insanely captivating. I hope everyone else will think so as well. 🙂

And as much as I’d love to write another five hundred words on my blog post today, I think I’m finally ready to go finish writing this conversation in my novel.

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